martes, 5 de enero de 2010


Antoni Maiovvi's
Este Crack se define así...:

"Antoni Maiovvi's music is akin to the overwhelming horror of the stalked. The sound of dimly lit streets where everyone is at risk. A place of supernatural existential terror where the lines of reality become that of opium blurs. Operating from spaces previously occupied by Goblin, Tangerine Dream, Patrick Cowley and John Carpenter, under the pseudonym Antoni Maiovvi, Anton Maiof (Geisha / Defibrillators) has been creating psychotronic disco for the criminally insane since 2005 having emerged from the UK's underground noise scene, here presenting retro-futurist b-movie soundtracks with the precision and flair of an Argento death sequence... "

y la verdad todo lo que tenga algo que ver con Goblin, Tangerina Dream, Patrick Cowley y John Carpenter.... nos flipa, y si además está bien hecho, nos reflipa...

Desde aquí nuestro apoyo a este productor..:

no os olvideis de su name = Antoni Maiovvi
os dejamos con temazo..:



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